Antifouling, Propspeed & Polishing

Fremantle Shipwrights offers antifouling, propspeed and polishing as part of our boat maintenance services. Contact us for a quote and we’ll access your antifouling needs and have your boat ready for next Summer!


Anti-foul is required to the hulls of vessels that are stored in the water to reduce the build-up of biofouling. Biofouling is the build-up of algae, barnacles and marine organisms that make a habitat on the bottom of your boat and running gear. High levels of growth can effect the performance and fuel efficiency of your boat. Therefore, it’s important to keep on top of your antifouling maintenance.

Depending on the usage and storage of your boat, will depend on your antifouling application. If your vessel is used regularly or stored afloat, it should be checked each year to assess whether it needs re-applying. 

Antifouling paints are formulated with compounds that prevent growth on the hull of your boat. There are different types of antifouling agents depending on the material of the hull, the type of water your boat is stored in etc. Fremantle Shipwrights can access your boat and decide on the best anti-foul application for you.

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Propspeed is an antifouling coating system that prevents marine growth from bonding to the propellers or metal services at the bottom of your boat. Propspeed does not release any toxic elements into the water making it an environmentally friendly product. The growth of crustaceans and marine growth on your propellers can cause resistance that results in a loss of performance and a greater fuel consumption. Propspeed allows the propellers to be at their maximum performance, resisting marine growth and keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. 

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