Hydroflight Rot Repairs - The Old Rottnest Ferry

The Fremantle Shipwrights team were stoked to have the old Rottnest Ferry in the shed for repairs. Hydroflight had extensive rot damage that required immediate removal and repairs. Our team in Fremantle began with adding Dynel (a popular laminate fabric used for boat restorations) and started the process of filling and fairing. See below!




The process of undercoating and glossing. Getting the boat ready for the new Marlin board after those rot repairs.


Hydroflight is now back together and ready for launching!

Bertram 26 - Hardtop Installation | Before and After Images

We’re over the moon with the response to our journey with Bertram 26! Incase you didn’t know, the team at Fremantle Shipwrights designed and constructed a new Hardtop, lounge component, windows and icebox for Bertram 26 over these past few weeks. See below for the before and after pics!



















Bertram 26 Hardtop | Timeline Final Images

We’ve been working on the hard top construction and installation for Bertram 26 over the last few weeks. Boat tops are a great feature to add by extending your time on the water with added protection from the harsh sun. Ideal when fishing with the kids! We were given a mock-up of the end result to assist in the design and construction of the hard top. We also installed a new lounge component, new windows and an icebox. Bertram 26 is now back on the water ready for it’s next adventure.


We then added divine cell foam for strength and durability in the hard top during construction.


The team made new windows as part of the re-fit to install the hard top. 


We pre-fitted the aluminium bar work and hardtop before powder coating. 

New seating, hardtop and icebox all painted and ready for fitting!


New hardtop and bar work ready for installation.

Taping up, ready for non skid paint!


New lounge component moulded, layered up and released from mould ready for painting.


Hardtop and lounge painted inside the tent, ready for installation.

The lounge, new windows and icebox have been installed.


View of Bertram 26 in the shed.



Job done! From the first mock-up to the final product, Bertram 26 is now completed and fresh out of the shed at the Fremantle Sailing Club. Great to see this one back on the water.


Book in your Antifouling and Propspeed Application in time for Summer!

General boat maintenance in time for the Summer boating season.

Keeping up with your boat maintenance is important for the functionality and the overall aesthetic. Ignoring minor issues can lead into expensive and time consuming repairs later down the track. Keeping on top of your Antifouling and Propspeed Application is a great way to eliminate potential problems later on and change the performance of your boat. Book your application maintenance in time for the Summer boating season.


Biofouling is the build-up of algae, barnacles and marine organisms that make a habitat on the bottom of your boat and running gear. High levels of growth can effect the performance and fuel efficiency of your boat. Therefore, it’s important to keep on top of your antifouling maintenance. Depending on your boat’s usage and storage, will depend on your antifouling application. Fremantle Shipwrights will examine the best approach to applying the correct anti-foul product to your boat.

Antifouling paints are formulated to prevent marine growth sticking to the hull. With many products to choose, rest assured knowing Fremantle Shipwrights uses only the best suppliers and will choose the correct anti foul application suited to your boat.



Propspeed is an antifouling coating system that prevents marine growth from bonding to the propellers or metal services at the bottom of your boat. A common problem, the marine growth on your propellers can cause resistance that results in a loss of performance and a greater fuel consumption. Propspeed applicaiton allows the propellers to be at their maximum performance, resisting marine growth and keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.


Burmese Teak - Timber Repairs and Restoration

Timber Repairs and Restoration

Fremantle Shipwrights are experienced in all kinds of timber restorations and maintenance for boats, we’ve been doing it for years. As you’ve probably noticed, we like to use Burmese Teak for a great finish and durability we can rely on. Burmese Teak is known for it’s durability, especially when in contact with water. Teak is naturally water resistant and repels rot. It also differs from other woods as it doesn’t rust or damage when in contact with various metals. We’ve used Burmese Teak in a range of projects involving timber repairs and restoration, see below!

Contact Us!

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Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 2.18.41 pm.png

The Importance of Sand Blasting

Why is Sand Blasting Important for your Boat?

Sand blasting is an effective way to give your boat and hull a thorough clean without causing damage. If you’re thinking of re-painting your boat we recommend this beforehand to ensure any unwanted coatings and corrosions have been removed. Sandblasting makes a clean surface allowing for a smooth paint job ahead.

Sand blasting is also an effective way to remove all the built up and peeling antifoul from your boat.

Sand blasting allows valves, gears and nooks to be removed of sand and particles allowing everything to run safely and smoothly. Sand blasting is essential to maintaining a high quality finish and we highly recommend!

Maria Sand Blasting Repair.jpeg
Maria Sand Blasting.jpeg

Benefits of Side Power Bow Thruster & Stern Thrusters

Do you struggle docking your boat? Do you want better control over your boat without a whole crew? We recommend a Side power Bow Thruster or Stern Thruster. 

Bow thrusters are great feature to add if you want added control without acquiring a crew. Side power bow thrusters allow you to have independence while boating comfortably and in control. We were one of the first Shipwrights in Fremantle to install a Side Power bow thruster 20 years ago. Side Power is the only brand of bow and stern thrusters we trust and have stood the test of time. Our clients seem to think so too!

Bow Thruster - Before

Bow Thruster - Before

Bow Thruster - After

Bow Thruster - After

The major benefits of bow and stern thrusters are: 

  • It makes docking easier, especially in crowded areas.

  • It allows more control in tight areas. 

  • Easier manoeuvring in high tides and strong winds.

  • Great investment for your boat. Adding a Side Power bow thruster or stern thruster will add value to your vessel. 

  • Allows you to be independent while boating.

Interested? We’re finding bow and stern thrusters quite popular for boat owners right now. Contact Fremantle Shipwrights to chat more about installing a bow or stern thruster for your boat. Visit the Side Power website!

Side Power - Stern thruster

Side Power - Stern thruster

Bow and stern thrusters perth.jpg

Zipwake - Trim Control System

We’re excited to be registered suppliers for Zipwake here at Fremantle Shipwrights! Zipwake is an affordable dynamic trim control system designed for easy use and installation. Zipwake delivers better performance, improved fuel consumption and a more comfortable ride for your boat! Pitching can be a nuisance for everyone on board, however can be prevented by adjusting the running trim. Installing Zipwake will dramatically eliminate pitch and minimise wave resistance for a safer ride and better fuel economy. Zipwake has an auto control option which allows the interceptors to automatically respond to changing conditions. Such a great feature if you’re multi tasking.

Some general benefits of installing a Zipwake are:

  • Low cost

  • Improved fuel consumption

  • A safer and more comfortable ride

  • Build in high frequency GPS

  • 3D Gyro sensors

  • Robust motion controller

  • Effective technology for easy turns

  • Minimal pitch and roll

  • The blade stroke is x5 faster then regular trim tabs.

Contact us for a chat on installing a Zipwake or visit the Zipwake website for more info!

Follow Zipwake on Instagram! @zipwake

*Information from Zipwake website

*Images from Zipwake Instagram


Insurance Work 2019

Fremantle Shipwrights are a preferred provider for many insurance companies across Perth. We offer complete restoration and refurbishment services for boats that have suffered from damage or accidents. Common over the Fremantle summer, Fremantle Shipwrights have experience and knowledge on the process restoring your beloved boat to its former glory! Enquire Steve or the team about repairs and insurance for more information.

We’re currently working on insurance repairs in the workshop! Stay tuned for after pics.


Sprayline | Deck Extension and Swim-board Platform

The team have been hard at work on Sprayline, 2018. The professional and qualified shipwrights have extended the back decking and installed a swim-board platform for better use of space. The decking is practical, looks great and has safety features such as being anti-slip when wet or under difficult weather conditions. The swim-board allows for easy access to the water and is functional when fishing, scuba diving or snorkelling. Check out these before and after pictures!



Sprayline | Boat Interior and Flooring Re-fit

Sprayline is a glamorous boat functional for larger groups. The team here in Fremantle installed new interior floors in the kitchen space and designed and installed innovative hatches on the outside decking. These hatches are electronically controlled for easy access to storage and controls. New cabinetry including a functional freezer has been installed in the kitchen area.





C-Lady | Perth Boat Interior Re-Fit and Refurbish

C-Lady required an extensive interior re-fit, transitioning the boat into a functional living space. The team here at Fremantle Shipwrights spent a year redesigning and installing new cabinetry, flooring, plumbing and appliances. The boat now presents itself as a stylish and fully functional space with a comfortable living area, bedroom and fully equip bathroom. Paintwork repairs have been added to enhance the overall aesthetic and ensure a flawless finish. Click here to see the services we provide including fit outs and re-fits.







Sirius - Restoration

We have been working on Sirius for a number of years now, ensuring the internal and external condition remains immaculate. From changing locks, repairing cabinetry and revarnishing exterior woodwork, our team are responsible for the maintenance of Commercial Ship, Sirius.


New mould and the installation of a fibreglass platform were fitted to provide balance to the previously small landing platform that was less than functional. The new platform is now stylish and practical.