Boat Repair Services

Fremantle Shipwrights boasts a fantastic team of painters, polishers, and labourers in addition to its experienced shipwrights. Our skilled shipwrights can do anything from full or partial fit outs or refurbishments to teak and cork decks, bow thrusters, hull extensions, fibreglass repairs, and just about everything in between. Boat lifts and undercover sheds can all be organised in house for your convenience.

If you need advice, a list of trusted electricians, plumbers, engineers, stainless welders, trimmers, and canopy builders is on hand for the job. As Rottnest Island’s reefs keep shipwrights so busy, all aspects of insurance work are covered also. Contact us for more information on our maintenance and repairs.


Fremantle Shipwrights is a Preferred Insurance Repairer for the boating industry, servicing all boat repairs and maintenance. Our fully qualified and experienced shipwrights restore, repair and construct, specialising in the following services:



Timber Restorations

Fremantle Shipwrights specialise in Timber Restorations. If your boat has rotten, damp or damaged timber, a timber restoration can transform the aesthetic and functionality. Enquire now ahead of the upcoming Fremantle boating season.


Teak & Cork Decks

Teak and Cork decking provides a durable and stylish decking solution. Naturally resistant to the elements, using hardy materials like these will provide longevity through the boating season and beyond. Installed at our Fremantle Yard, installation is easy and unrivalled by many alternative solutions.


Fibreglass Repairs & Insurance

Fremantle Shipwrights are a preferred provider for many insurance companies. We work alongside providers including Club Marine, Nautilus Marine
Boat Insurance, Trident Insurance Group and SGIO providing complete refurbishments and


Fit Outs & Re-fits

Redesigning your boat interior can enhance your boating experience. Your entire interior can be transformed with careful design to meet your lifestyle and on-water requirements. Cabinetry, plumbing and partition redesign can be completed at our Fremantle yard by our highly experienced team.


Sand & Soda Blasting

Sand and Soda Blasting is a great repair technique to remove the thick layer of antifouling paint on the bottom of your boat. When the bottom is looking rough and worn, cosmetically your boat is not attractive, but speed can also be an issue.



Commercial boating maintenance is all completed at the Fremantle workshop. From general maintenance, changing locks, repairing cabinetry, re-varnishing,
paintwork and restorations; our team are experienced in all commercial boating needs.


Bow + Stern Thrusters

Bow thrusters and stern thrusters have become a necessity even for the most skilled boatsman. Gain manoeuvring control of your boat with the installation of a Bow and Stern Thruster.


Paint Repairs & Respray

Repairing paintwork is a great way to improve the aesthetic of your boat, perfect for summer boating. Fremantle Shipwright uses the highest quality paint
and preparation materials to ensure a flawless finish.


Antifouling, Propspeed & Polishing

Propspeed is a solution to a common problem for boat owners; preventing marine growth from bonding to your boat below the waterline. Antifouling ensures algae, barnacles and marine organisms don’t grow on your boat, while polishing keeps the area of your boat below the waterline in great condition providing longevity.